Is This Milkaholic Baby Lindsay Lohan?

The tiny cherubim face, sweet dimples, and innocent eyes-my first inclination would be no. This baby is totally not the DJ loving, spray tanning, banquette dancing diva. Yet, she certainly seems to think so.

Lindsay has even filed a lawsuit against E*Trade claming that the “milkaholic” baby girl named Lindsay in the commercial is modeled after her “likeness, name, characterization, and personality.” 

Her price for this “serious” invasion of her privacy and unlicensed “likeness” is a whopping $100 million (yes, million!). For that, I would hope that E*Trade would have at least gotten into their time machine, abducted the real Lindsay Lohan as a baby, filmed the commercial, and then sent it back via flux capacitor to the present to be viewed by us, the lucky modern viewers.  That would have been the worth the money.


Now, throwing aside all rational logic and agreeing with the Mean Girl’s star that this character is  in fact modeled after her, then what famous celebs are the other babies impersonating? Sean Penn and Pam Anderson?



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