Matthew McConaughey’s Bilingual Baby

Matthew McConaughey’s son Levi is just 20 months old and already speaks his Brazilian mother Camila Alves’ native tongue better than him! And that’s just great with Matthew.

“Levi speaks a whole lot more Portuguese than Papa does. I get a little heck for it in the household,” he’s said. “I’ve come to find that I do think it is actually healthy for our relationship that I don’t speak that much Portuguese because she doesn’t have to whisper if she’s talking noise on me. She can speak out loud.”

Which can only mean that Levi can look forward to a future of the same, talking back to his dad  right to his face! What kid doesn’t love that? In fact, this should be on a pamphlet to motivate children to learn a second language.

Now how do you say, “Dad!!!! Put down those bongos and put on a shirt. You’re soooo embarrassing,” in Portuguese?

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