The King of Pop was Tops as a Pop, Say MJ Bodyguards

It’s official, Michael Jackson‘s bodyguards have spoken and despite the propofol and plastic surgery  he  ‘really’ was a good dad. (Don’t forget it was bodyguards who dropped dime decades ago about that other King, Elvis Presley’s drug use. The Word of Bodyguards is Gospel, Amen.)

MJ’s last three bodyguards appeared on Good Morning America today to dispel some rumors about Jackson, and share their plans to write a book about their boss, In Defense of the King. No earth shattering info was revealed but here are some MJ parenting highlight ancedotes:

•Jackson was an “awesome” dad who loved spending time with his kids. One of the bodyguards described them as “four buddies.”

•A favorite pastime Jackson enjoyed with his kids was taking them to fast food restaurant drive thrus where Jackson always ordered himself.

•Despite being privileged Michael’s children, The Jackson Three, were always extremely polite and well mannered. Paris once gave the bodyguard a handwritten request for tuna fish for her cat. The note was peppered with plenty of pleases and thank you’s.

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