Think Before You Tweet #1

Famous Moms and Dads love their social networks as much as the rest of us, and have taken to Twitter in droves. But with great power comes great responsibility, and there are bound to be a few tweets that might have been better left unsung.

Case in point: Kathy Ireland.

I mean, I hand it to her for wanting to clear her name. She’s got three kids, and she wanted them to know that while she may not have killed on the red carpet, at least she was sober.

But responding to every single Twitter critic, in chirpy shorthand about how her performance was just a result of her J.O.Y.?  And calling her detractors ‘Angel’? So awkward.

Check out her tweets:

@shutupbock: No meds or alcohol, Angel. Just J.O.Y!

@mailemisajon: No Red Bull or chemicals. Just J.O.Y!

@tinarao44: Never use drugs and that as a mom is not a funny suggestion.

Kathy Ireland

Perhaps this one might have been better left to a publicist.



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