Two of Oscar’s Best Dressed: Paula Patton and Amy Adams

Neither one of them were up for any Academy Awards this year, but who cares. Both Paula Patton and Amy Adams, will get their lifetime achievements in spades when their little bundles of joy arrive this Spring. But, I’ve noticed whenever the top Oscar best dressed queens of the red carpet are crowned yearly it’s never an expectant mom. Well, for the record: Paula, who wore Carolina Herrera and Amy who wore Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti, were both gorgeously stylish and I’m choosing them among the best dressed (in my top three) at the 2010 Oscars. Not knocking the efforts of the ‘non-pregnant’, ladies on this year’s red carpet, but it’s slightly harder to prep and pull off this big night flawlessly when you’re expecting. Especially considering you’re carrying another human being inside of you, extra weight and are prone to swelling, sweats, repeated bathroom trips and shortness of breath. In comparison, having personally done both, I must admit getting all beautified when you’re not pregnant is more like a day at the spa. I’m just saying…Posted by RIR



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