Why Are Brad And Angelina Always Carrying Shiloh?

The Brangelina brood is by far the most photographed family in the world.  They’re gorgeous, wealthy, famous, insert jealousy inducing adjective, etc., etc., and people can’t get enough of them.  Yet, there seems to be a curious trend going on in almost every single shot: Shiloh is always being carried.

Now maybe she is scared of the paps, and who can blame her, but the other kids seem to be doing just fine walking for themselves.  Plus, isn’t she  used to the name screaming, flashbulb poppers since they’ve been around her since birth?  Paparazzi are celebrity tot’s security blankets in the saddest way possible.

Maybe they are simply always going longer distances than at 3 years old, she can go without getting tired? There are a lot of assumptions and I may be overreacting, but it still seems weird to me. Have you noticed this? Does it seem strange to you or do you think it’s probably fine?

 Below are just a few shots from their current trip to Venice.



Picture Sources:http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/ask_the_answer_bitch/b170209_are_boy_clothes_haircuts_bad_shiloh.html




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