Madonna Should Give Mercy A Hair Reinvention

All the public outcries over Shiloh’s bowl haircut seems to be much a-do about nothing. Hasn’t anyone heard of Dorothy Hamill? If we’ve all had our A-Ha moment, now I’d like to pull our collective celeb coif kid glances in another direction, in that of Mercy James Ciccone.

Back when Madonna championed to adopt Miss Mers, as a black mom I didn’t have concerns about what happens when a rich white parent raises a poor black child. Again, I watched Diff’rent Strokes, (I’m a child of the 70s in case you haven’t noticed). My only thought was Mercy’s hair; I feared Madge wouldn’t always know what to do with it. Well, she passed that test with flying colors.

Madge is doing a great job so far (I’ve only seen a couple of pics where Mercy’s coif looked a tad fuzzy.) But overall for a style maven and trendsetter (and a hairstyle cut and color maverick in her own right) like Madonna I thought she’d let daughter Mercy in on some of that fun hairstyling action a little early.

So as a fellow Mom, I’d thought I’d share some ‘additional’ basic Black Hair Style Tips with Madonna. (See Part II for the actual Mercy James hair care tips.) POSTED BY RIR

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