Babble Look for Babes: Best Site for Baby Rock Tees

You’re a hard-core music fan and you represent to the core. Either you’ve slept outside for tickets in your lifetime or have rock and roll war stories about seeing your favorite band play live at least a half dozen times. Now it’s time to the share the love and pass it along to the next generation.

Need the perfect onesie or T-shirt to express the love your child is gonna have for Cash, Hendrix, Zeppelin, Kiss or  Marley one day?  Okay, maybe your baby hasn’t graduated to the masters yet. Well, how about starting them off with a lil’ pop-rock-rap Music Appreciation 101 with Red Hot Chili Peppers, Run DMC, The Police or Guns & Roses? Then check out The Retro they have the perfect rock Tees for your lil’ music fan.

Onesies start at $16.95 and tees for tots start at $14.30. Not only are they cute as heck, but they silently make a statement of the kick-butt musical kind. And, these shirts are the perfect uniform for your kid’s journey thru the school of rock. Buy one today and I guarantee you’ll be the envy of every parent at the playground. Trust me on this. POSTED BY RIR

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