Famous Dads Dish on Diaper Duty

Freddie Prinze, Jr. went on Lopez Tonight last night and bragged about his diaper changing prowess.

“I’m good at it, I’m fast”, said father of four-month old Charlotte Grace and husband of former vampire-slayer Sarah Michelle Geller. “I can time myself, 46 seconds.”

It seems that talking diapers has become de riguer for celebrity dads. So who else has gone public about diaper duty?

Taye Diggs dished to Good Morning America last month about changing his 5-month old son, Walker Nathaniel. “It is love, let me tell you, his diapers are no joke. But even then I’m such a proud father I’m like, ‘Good for you! Good for you little man!’”

Mel Gibson took it one step further (does that surprise anyone?) by changing a diaper on a live radio call in show in Los Angeles, and then repeating the feat on The Jay Leno Show back in January. Gibson became a dad for the eighth time last fall, when  girlfriend Oksana Grigorieve gave birth to their daughter, Lucia.  

Ok, guys. Point taken. You change diapers. Now go spend a day scrubbing vomit out of the carpets post-tummy bug and get back to me.

(Photo credit: Babble. Quote from Lopez Tonight, via People. Taye Diggs quote from Good Morning America.)



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