Is Tom Cruise Showing Favoritism To Suri?

Suri Cruise is just 3 years old and already a fashion icon for the under four feet tall set. Tom and Katie are reportedly spend $3 million on her per year, a sum which includes countless clothes and  a $30,000  custom-made miniature of an Indianapolis 500 race car.

Now, there is no doubt, absolutely none, that any parent, no matter how wealthy, should spend that much on a child. Being this spoiled can not be good for anyone’s development unless of course, it’s mine and someone with that kind of income would like to adopt me.  But as damaging as all this attention and luxury is to her, how damaging is it to Tom’s other children Connor, 15,  and Isabella, 17? I know I’m jealous of Suri and I’m not even related!

Even as children they were never in the limelight (type their names in Google and the top results are “Where are Connor and Isabella?”) as much as Suri and there are no reports of such lavish gifts.  Add this to the fact that Tom is divorced from their mother Nicole Kidman and they are both adopted and what you get seems to be an intense case of favoritism. This can cause deep issues when it comes to self-esteem and a whole slew of negative effects like depression, aggression, and poor academic behavior. It can also hinder their relationships later in life.

The only way to help: Tom needs to stop spending on Suri now or start spending more on Connor and Isabella.

Do you think Tom shows favoritism? Were you part of a family where one child was clearly the favorite? Did this effect you?

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