Molly Ringwald’s Dinner Secret: Ragu?

Molly Ringwald rocked a pretty-in-purple clingy gown at last week’s Academy Awards–not exactly an easy dress pull off when you’re still post-partum. Yet, the 42-year old gave birth to twins Adele and Roman just eight months ago.

The star of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, who also has a four-year old daughter, Mathilda, recently told People that her key to getting back into shape was “just a sensible diet”: light on the sweets and carbs, and heavy on the veggies and protein.

Now, Ringwald is taking her message of sensible eating to the masses, partnering with Ragu to promote their Recipe for a Good Start campaign.

Says Ringwald, on using Ragu and other prepared meal helpers: “My family gets a delicious, nutritious meal, and I get extra time to do all the things that give my children a good start–like finger painting and family reading time.”

Bravo, Molly. Us working moms like it when celebrities like you admit to feeding your kids prepared foods and jarred spaghetti sauce just like we do.

(Photo credit; Fernando Levon/Elevation Pictures. Quotes from and PRNewswire)



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