Molly Ringwald: Fantastic Teen to Magnificent Mom

In the 1980s, Molly Ringwald was our favorite big screen BFF. Usually awkward, yet the cutely unique misfit in the trilogy of John Hughes’ high school tribute flicks to teen angst (Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club and Pretty In Pink), our adorable heroine always got the guy. (Good golly Miss Molly, that’s why I love you girl!)

And just this week, Ringwald, who looked stunning at this year’s Oscars, paid tribute to her cinematic mentor Hughes, and shared an onstage reunion with many of her Brat Pack graduating movie class. So today, we honor our favorite pouty-lipped red head, whose reel girl performances taught us real girls that it was perfectly okay to be ourselves and still make our dreams come true.

Best Known For Her Role As: Claire Standish in The Breakfast Club

Why We Love Her: Helped redefine leading ladies in teen flicks

Last Seen/Currently Starring on: 82nd Academy Awards/The Secret Life Of The  American Teenager

Magnificent Mom to: Mathilda, age 7 and 8-month year old twins Adele and Roman POSTED BY RIR

And here’s Molly in action, featured in the trailer for 1986’s Pretty In Pink:

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