Lisa Leslie’s Baby Bump: The Perfect Halloween Costume

I know it’s the wrong season, but it’s too bad that Lisa Leslie’s belly bump is so prominent this winter instead of next fall. That couldn’t be helped it was nature’s call. Her second son, already pre-named Michael Joseph Lockwood Jr. is due in May. But it’s just too adorable to see the biggest professional female basketball player with the most perfect basketball-shaped baby bump.

Lisa could have solved the pregnant mom Halloween costume dilemma in one fell swoop. Couldn’t you see her at a party? Lisa could be the backboard and hoop; her baby bump, would be the basketball. Sure, other expectant moms may have thought of the idea and worn the costume before her. But the simple fact that Lisa Leslie, herself, was wearing it plus the baby bump as visual aid? Why, that concept could provide irony for days. But it’s not too late with a little proper planning; she could always raincheck the idea for her next pregnancy. POSTED BY RIR



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