Want To Have A Baby With Brad Pitt?

You can do pretty much everything online: Shop, conduct research, download music illegally. And now,  thanks to MakeMeBabies.com, you can even e-conceive with your favorite celeb.  Thank you Internet!

This nifty photoshop wonder lets you upload your face and the face of a celebrity and molds it together to give a composite of what your kid would look like if you were to have a child. You can choose the gender or let the program choose for you and even name the child and put it in a nifty baby-theme frame. It’s that simple and it doesn’t even take nine months!

Go ahead and get creative. You can even upload pictures of two celebs you wish would have a child. The baby above? Jennifer Anniston and Gerard Butler. I’ve taken the liberty to name him Cutie Pie.


Source: http://www.makemebabies.com


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