Where’s Nahla’s Poppa Gabriel?

The web and blogosphere has been all abuzz with Halle Berry and Nahla sightings in recent days.

The gorgeous mom and daughter duo have had the L.A. area covered. They’ve been out to lunch at Cravings in Westwood and out for a jaunt at Coldwater Canyon’s playground in Beverly Hills. But all that girl power on display just left me wondering where’s Gabriel Aubry?

We all know Halle’s harried history with past boyfriends and husbands, so I’m just hoping all is well. But, because Berry has recently declared how profoundly motherhood has changed her life, I’m sure she’s the one opting for more downtime to be at home with Nahla. I mean lucky for her she certainly can afford it, right?

But judging from the recent paparazzi shots I’d say Gabriel and Nahla are overdue for some father daughter bonding time. Do dads still sometimes get the raw deal in quality time with their kids? In your earliest memories, which parent do you remember spending more time with? POSTED BY RIR

Photo: http://celebrity-babies.com/2010/03/09/spotted-halle-berry-and-nahla-play-at-the-park/


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