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Scary Spice Resembling Her Kid Spices: Cute or Narcissistic?

March 11, 2010

Melanie Brown was recently seen sporting matching faux hawks with her two daughters.

Her youngest Angel Iris, age 2 was the first to rock the ‘do last summer. Then Angel, also the daughter of Eddie Murphy was joined by eleven-year old older sister Phoenix Chi and then last but not least dear ole’ Mom.

Some might view the multi-generational Spice coiffed trio as cute—maybe Melanie just wanted to play a public game of Mommy pied piper. Or more seriously, maybe she’s channeling her girls to help her turn back the hands of time. In extreme cases, experts call this trend— Melanie’s need to look like her daughters—a sign of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).

According to Karyl McBride author of the book, Will I Ever Be Good Enough: Healing The Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers, “nearly 1.5 million women possess NPD which is the need to compete with their daughters daily in looks and often times body size. Many of these girls feel their moms are jealous of them as well.”

So what’s the verdict? Brown is a big girl who has conquered worldwide concert stages, Dancing With The Stars and even a Vegas strip show. Should she bow out of her girls’ child hair play? What do you think? POSTED BY RIR

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Where’s Nahla’s Poppa Gabriel?

March 11, 2010

The web and blogosphere has been all abuzz with Halle Berry and Nahla sightings in recent days.

The gorgeous mom and daughter duo have had the L.A. area covered. They’ve been out to lunch at Cravings in Westwood and out for a jaunt at Coldwater Canyon’s playground in Beverly Hills. But all that girl power on display just left me wondering where’s Gabriel Aubry?

We all know Halle’s harried history with past boyfriends and husbands, so I’m just hoping all is well. But, because Berry has recently declared how profoundly motherhood has changed her life, I’m sure she’s the one opting for more downtime to be at home with Nahla. I mean lucky for her she certainly can afford it, right?

But judging from the recent paparazzi shots I’d say Gabriel and Nahla are overdue for some father daughter bonding time. Do dads still sometimes get the raw deal in quality time with their kids? In your earliest memories, which parent do you remember spending more time with? POSTED BY RIR


Is Rebecca Gayheart Daughter’s Name Too Plain Jane? (POLL)

March 11, 2010

In a celebrity baby world filled with Apples and Kal-Els Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart, are here to remind us all that sometimes simpler is better.

The couple gave their baby girl the name Billie Beatrice on Wednesday reports PEOPLE. Billie Dane was born to the couple on March 3rd in Los Angeles. A rep for the Danes says that “Mother, father and daughter are doing great.”

It’s seems preposterous to ask if Baby Dane’s name is not snazzy enough, especially considering that most names have meanings. Even the plain Janes of the world can take solace in the fact that the name Jane, is of Hebrew origin and means, ‘God is gracious.’

But because celebrities are in that other stratosphere of the universe—the stars— I guess some of them feel they have to take their children’s monikers out there too.

So tell us the truth, is Rebecca and Eric’s daughter name celebrity baby worthy? POSTED BY RIR

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Madonna Should Let Mercy Wear an Afro

March 10, 2010

After seeing Mercy James trotting transatlantically in paparrazi shots I think Madonna’s daughter is missing out on the best part of her crowning glory. After all, it’s MJ’s afro that separates her from all straight-tressed girls around the world. So here are the three best ways for Mercy to rock her fro.

1. For a Textured Fro: Take out her braids and twists and do not comb thru, just and finger style and go [Good daily ‘Do, low maintenance]

2. For  A Fuller, Curlier Fro: Wet Mercy’s hair, pick it out (always use a wide-tooth comb ) and then apply some Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk (mixed with jojoba oil) to give it body and shine. [Good daily ‘Do, moderate maintenance]

3. For a Straighter Bigger Fro: Blow-dry her hair straight with a hairdryer (lowest setting and only for a few minutes.) Black hair straightened this way reverts back to curls when exposed to humidity, moisture or water. This do works best as a special occasion style. [Good occasional ‘Do, high maintenance]

Then, just adorn afro with headbands, jeweled clips, barrettes or ribbons and go! Posted by RIR


Madonna Should Give Mercy A Hair Reinvention

March 10, 2010

All the public outcries over Shiloh’s bowl haircut seems to be much a-do about nothing. Hasn’t anyone heard of Dorothy Hamill? If we’ve all had our A-Ha moment, now I’d like to pull our collective celeb coif kid glances in another direction, in that of Mercy James Ciccone.

Back when Madonna championed to adopt Miss Mers, as a black mom I didn’t have concerns about what happens when a rich white parent raises a poor black child. Again, I watched Diff’rent Strokes, (I’m a child of the 70s in case you haven’t noticed). My only thought was Mercy’s hair; I feared Madge wouldn’t always know what to do with it. Well, she passed that test with flying colors.

Madge is doing a great job so far (I’ve only seen a couple of pics where Mercy’s coif looked a tad fuzzy.) But overall for a style maven and trendsetter (and a hairstyle cut and color maverick in her own right) like Madonna I thought she’d let daughter Mercy in on some of that fun hairstyling action a little early.

So as a fellow Mom, I’d thought I’d share some ‘additional’ basic Black Hair Style Tips with Madonna. (See Part II for the actual Mercy James hair care tips.) POSTED BY RIR

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Guess Which Celebrity Babies Turn 2 in March?

March 9, 2010

The ever-flowing maternity waters always spring eternal in Hollywood. But just a scant two years ago, a cluster of stars (and in some cases their spouses) were all in a delivery room pushing or prepping for a C-section at the same time to bring forth the best little people to come into their lives. Here’s a roundup celeb toddlers entering the terrifically terrible twos this month:

1.    Halle Berry’s daughter Nahla

Favorite stomping grounds (according to paparrazi pics): Playground, beaches and zoos

Which parent she looks most like: Halle, but she has Daddy Gabriel Aubrey’s eyes

2.    Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s twins Max and Emme

Favorite stomping grounds (according to paparrazi pics): Concert stages, backyard parties and yachts

Which parent she looks most like: It’s a tie! Max looks like J. Lo and Emme looks like Marc

3.    Christina Aguilera’s son Max

Favorite stomping grounds (according to paparrazi pics): Playground with Dad, out and about everywhere with Mom

Which parent he looks most like: Dad Jordan Bratman

4.    Scott Baio’s daughter, Bailey

Favorite stomping grounds (according to paparrazi pics): Out and about with Mom and Dad, playground with Dad

Which parent she looks like: Mom Renee Sloan

Happy Birthday 2-year old celeb babes! This group would make for some fantastic playdate birthday party wouldn’t they? Posted by RIR


Sex And The City’s Stanford is a Daddy!

March 9, 2010

Scoot those Jimmy Choos a step back Sarah Jessica Parker; you’re not the only new Parent In The City.

Willie Garson is now a proud papa to an 8-year old boy named Nathan. It was father-son love at first sight; Garson met his then seven-year old son while attending a 2008 adoption fair in L.A.

“He has a spark,” Garson told Celebrity Baby  “He was balancing himself on a curb, and I was like, ‘That’s my kid,’ I knew it right then.”

A yearlong process of screening and paperwork soon followed and in January 2010, Willie officially adopted Nathan. He adds about the process, “It couldn’t have gone any better.”

Hmm…Maybe Stanford could use a son to soothe all those paranoid nerves and get the focus off himself. Find out this summer (if like minds think alike— that means you Michael Patrick King!) when Garson reprises his role in the SATC sequel. Posted by RIR

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