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Celeb Moms Say ‘I Love You’ With Tattoos

March 11, 2010

Kelly Ripa made a splash on The Late Show with David Letterman earlier this week when she revealed a new tattoo on her forearm–her husband’s last name, ‘Consuelos’.

But her choice to tattoo a love tribute to her husband and kids isn’t without precedent among the jet set. So what other stars have done it? Check it out…

Angelina Jolie’
s left arm used to bear a picture of a snake and the name of her ex-husband, Billy Bob Thornton. Now, it has been re-purposed to feature the latitude and longitude coordinates of the birthplaces of each of her six kids.

Victoria Beckham, mother of three, has two tattoos dedicated to her soccer star husband, David Beckham–including his initials on the inside of her wrist.

So far, no celebrity dads we know of have taken the plunge. How would you feel if your partner tattooed a tribute to you or your kids?


(Source and photos: Instyle)


Spring Style Alert: Pretty in White

March 11, 2010

Well, spring has sprung here in New York. The temperatures have been hovering in the upper 50s all week, and after the winter we’ve had, it feels downright balmy. So how did some celebrity moms celebrate? By breaking out the white dresses, of course.

Check out the Real House Housewives of New York Countess Luann de Lesseps and Kelly Killoren Bensimon, both sporting white on the red carpet at Bravo’s 2010 Upfront Party at Skylight Studio in New York City.

Moments later, they were joined by style guru Sarah Jessica Parker, who donned a white blazer over flesh-toned dress.

And all the way on the other side of the world, Gwyneth Paltrow also went nude–well, nude-toned–wearing a body-skimming bias cut beaded gown to the Laureus World Sports Awards in Abu Dhabi.

So what do you think? Thumbs up or down on white dresses for this spring?

(Sources: Huffington Post Photos)


Anna Nicole Smith: The Opera?

March 11, 2010

Carmen. Tosca. Madame Butterfly. Anna Nicole Smith.

Wait, what was that last one?

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that London’s Royal Opera House will premiere Anna Nicole: The Opera next year. (February 17th, to be exact; mark your calendars.)

The opera, which is the brainchild of the team behind Jerry Springer: The Opera, will focus on Smith’s life and 2007 death, which came shortly after the birth of her daughter, Danniellyn.

The role of Anna Nicole has already been cast and will be played by Dutch soprano Eva-Maria Westbroek, who we presume will seriously need to stuff her bra.

So what do you think? Any interest in seeing Anna Nicole: The Opera? Or did you get enough of her real-time drama to last you the rest of your life?

(Photo credit: Babble; source: The Los Angeles Times 3/11/10)


Kate Gosselin’s Moms Across America

March 9, 2010

Kate Gosselin, who is slated to appear on the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars when it comes back at the end of the month, is hoping to cash in on a pretty big voting bloc: moms!

(Photo credit: ABC)

Gosselin, who is said to be busting her moves in a brand new dance studio she had built in her basement, recently divulged her strategy to My News Philadelphia.

“I feel a uniting of moms everywhere. Moms all do the same job and I get so much from the mothers everywhere. There is so much support.”

If that fails to win her votes, she has a pretty good back-up plan: she and her partner, Tony Donolavi have eleven kids between them!

What do you think? Do you feel a solidarity with Kate Gosselin, based on the common bonds of motherhood? Or are you going to wait and see if she can ‘bring it’ on the dance floor?


Hollywood Moms Nab Fitness Awards

March 9, 2010

With so many Awards ceremonies packed into a three-month period, its only natural that a few might get lost in the shuffle. So you would have had to be paying pretty close attention to take notice of the first annual Hollywood’s Hottest Body Awards, which were awarded on March 3. Sponsored by a partnership between Gold’s Gym and USWeekly, over one million votes were cast to recognize outstanding achievements in fitness by the stars. So which moms were among the winners? Drumroll please…

The award for Most Chiseled Arms went to none other than Kelly Ripa. (Honestly, was it even a contest? She could snap a two-by-four in half with those things!)  Meanwhile,  Jessica Alba won the Biggest Post-Baby Body Comeback Award for whipping herself back into shape after the birth of her daughter Honor Marie in 2008.

Of course, its not an Oscar statue. But these moms can now bask in the satisfaction that not only are they far fitter than the rest of us mere mortals, but they are also buffer than their Hollywood counterparts. Go ladies!

What other moms should be recognized for their work-out efforts?

Photo courtesy of the Orlando Sentinel.


If You Were a Reality TV Family, Part 1

March 9, 2010

According to multiple sources, Sarah Palin and reality TV super-producer Mark Burnett are shopping a reality TV series featuring the former Alaska Governor and mother of five–but it won’t include salacious details from their family life, Burnett promised. (Damn!)

But it got me thinking: how do normal families stack up against our reality TV counterparts? Here are a few scenes from popular reality TV shows that might have gone a little differently if the cameras were rolling in your house.

Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood

Photo courtesy of

What they did: Tori and Dean spend hours shopping antique furniture stores, collecting fine silk fabric swatches, and hitting up designer baby boutiques as they complete a top-to-bottom home makeover.

If the cameras were rolling in your house: You and your husband drag your two kids to IKEA, where your main consideration is ‘Do you think the print on this couch will hide crayon marks/chocolate milk stains/regurgitated formula?’ After a detour for swedish meatballs, a romp in Smaland and an hour wandering the self-serve warehouse, your reward is an evening of assembling your own furniture.

The Osbournes

Photo by Neal Bucket, courtesy of

What they did: Ozzy shuffles around in his house, attempts to reason with his kids about their comings and goings, and curses out Sharon’s dogs.

If the cameras were rolling in your house: You very patiently try to coax your dog into going outside in the snow while barely suppressing the urge to tell your toddler to just “Sit on the %#$%@ toilet already.”

Photo: INF Photo

Jon and Kate Plus 8

What they did: Kate organizes a carnival-themed birthday party for the sextuplets’ third birthday, complete with pony rides on the front lawn.

If the cameras were rolling in your house: You go all out and spend $150 dollars to hire a performer to show up in your living room dressed as Barney. When he arrives, your 2 -year-old bursts into tears and runs out of the room. She spends the next six months saying “No Barney party” to anyone who will listen.

Stay tuned for more scenes from ‘If You Were a Reality TV Family’–and feel free to suggest a few of your own!


Think Before You Tweet #1

March 9, 2010

Famous Moms and Dads love their social networks as much as the rest of us, and have taken to Twitter in droves. But with great power comes great responsibility, and there are bound to be a few tweets that might have been better left unsung.

Case in point: Kathy Ireland.

I mean, I hand it to her for wanting to clear her name. She’s got three kids, and she wanted them to know that while she may not have killed on the red carpet, at least she was sober.

But responding to every single Twitter critic, in chirpy shorthand about how her performance was just a result of her J.O.Y.?  And calling her detractors ‘Angel’? So awkward.

Check out her tweets:

@shutupbock: No meds or alcohol, Angel. Just J.O.Y!

@mailemisajon: No Red Bull or chemicals. Just J.O.Y!

@tinarao44: Never use drugs and that as a mom is not a funny suggestion.

Kathy Ireland

Perhaps this one might have been better left to a publicist.


Two of Oscar’s Best Dressed: Paula Patton and Amy Adams

March 9, 2010

Neither one of them were up for any Academy Awards this year, but who cares. Both Paula Patton and Amy Adams, will get their lifetime achievements in spades when their little bundles of joy arrive this Spring. But, I’ve noticed whenever the top Oscar best dressed queens of the red carpet are crowned yearly it’s never an expectant mom. Well, for the record: Paula, who wore Carolina Herrera and Amy who wore Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti, were both gorgeously stylish and I’m choosing them among the best dressed (in my top three) at the 2010 Oscars. Not knocking the efforts of the ‘non-pregnant’, ladies on this year’s red carpet, but it’s slightly harder to prep and pull off this big night flawlessly when you’re expecting. Especially considering you’re carrying another human being inside of you, extra weight and are prone to swelling, sweats, repeated bathroom trips and shortness of breath. In comparison, having personally done both, I must admit getting all beautified when you’re not pregnant is more like a day at the spa. I’m just saying…Posted by RIR