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Do Tabloid Headlines Put Too Much Pressure On Losing Weight Quickly?

March 11, 2010

Every time a celebrity has a baby, the inevitable tabloid covers follow. First, there is the announcement type picture of mommy and baby and then second, comes the unescapable, large-fonted headline about how she lost an insane amount of weight in a small amount of time.

Kendra Wilkinson lost 20 pounds in 8 weeks proclaims on  recent issue of OK!  Nicole Richie was spotted in a bikini just two weeks after giving birth and had a flat stomach! Heidi Klum takes to the runway for Victoria’s Secret  just six weeks after having her fourth child!

Now, I like hearing about post-baby diets and workouts, but I don’t think the emphasis of these stories should be on weight loss fast. Instead, it should be about getting back in shape and returning to a normal, healthy routine.

All of these women have achieved something outstanding, but it takes a  personal trainer, personal chef, model genes, and basically, money and time that a normal woman probably doesn’t have. It also takes a magazine’s photoshop department.

When women (and their husbands) look at headlines and stories about post-baby weight loss, it can set up unrealistic expectations. Everyone loses at their own pace, some in a few weeks and months, while others can take a year or longer.

I for one, am sick of hearing about how quickly celebs have lost it. Just take a look at all these headlines:

Do you feel pressured by the focus on post-baby celebrity weight?