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Do Tabloid Headlines Put Too Much Pressure On Losing Weight Quickly?

March 11, 2010

Every time a celebrity has a baby, the inevitable tabloid covers follow. First, there is the announcement type picture of mommy and baby and then second, comes the unescapable, large-fonted headline about how she lost an insane amount of weight in a small amount of time.

Kendra Wilkinson lost 20 pounds in 8 weeks proclaims on  recent issue of OK!  Nicole Richie was spotted in a bikini just two weeks after giving birth and had a flat stomach! Heidi Klum takes to the runway for Victoria’s Secret  just six weeks after having her fourth child!

Now, I like hearing about post-baby diets and workouts, but I don’t think the emphasis of these stories should be on weight loss fast. Instead, it should be about getting back in shape and returning to a normal, healthy routine.

All of these women have achieved something outstanding, but it takes a  personal trainer, personal chef, model genes, and basically, money and time that a normal woman probably doesn’t have. It also takes a magazine’s photoshop department.

When women (and their husbands) look at headlines and stories about post-baby weight loss, it can set up unrealistic expectations. Everyone loses at their own pace, some in a few weeks and months, while others can take a year or longer.

I for one, am sick of hearing about how quickly celebs have lost it. Just take a look at all these headlines:

Do you feel pressured by the focus on post-baby celebrity weight?



Kourtney Kardashian Sees Spots!

March 10, 2010
Reality Star Kourtney Kardashian and son Mason Dash were spotted recently — literally. Mother and son were both sporting leopard print accessories outside their hotel in Miami. She wore spotty loafer-like flats, and he had an animal-print blanket over his carriage. (Scott Disick didn’t succumb to the spotty trend, but went along for the stroll anyway.) This isn’t the first time Mason and mommy matched — recently, Kourtney sported a nautical striped top that matched his striped blanket.
Do you find this apparent matching trend to be cute, or nauseating? I’m on the fence, but I’m leaning towards the latter.
Like the look? Buy your own leopard-print blanket! (posted by COT, photos by