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Style Alert: Faux-Hawk Fabulous

March 11, 2010

More over, Shiloh. There’s a new hair-do in town.

Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown and her daughter, Phoenix Chi, 11, stepped out this week in mother-daughter faux-hawks. It seems Brown and her younger daughter, Angel Iris, 2, rocked a similar style last summer. Once upon a time, this punky style was considered edgy. Now it has become practially mainstream.

So who else has been recently caught looking faux-hawk fabulous?

None other than Willow Pinkett Smith, the 8-year-old daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett. This winter, she sported a faux to one of the most formal events of the year– The Nobel Prize awards ceremony in Oslo, Norway.

What do you think? Will your kids be swapping pigtails for a faux-hawk this summer?

(Source/Photo credits: Whittle/Splash News Online; Huffington Post)



Scary Spice Resembling Her Kid Spices: Cute or Narcissistic?

March 11, 2010

Melanie Brown was recently seen sporting matching faux hawks with her two daughters.

Her youngest Angel Iris, age 2 was the first to rock the ‘do last summer. Then Angel, also the daughter of Eddie Murphy was joined by eleven-year old older sister Phoenix Chi and then last but not least dear ole’ Mom.

Some might view the multi-generational Spice coiffed trio as cute—maybe Melanie just wanted to play a public game of Mommy pied piper. Or more seriously, maybe she’s channeling her girls to help her turn back the hands of time. In extreme cases, experts call this trend— Melanie’s need to look like her daughters—a sign of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).

According to Karyl McBride author of the book, Will I Ever Be Good Enough: Healing The Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers, “nearly 1.5 million women possess NPD which is the need to compete with their daughters daily in looks and often times body size. Many of these girls feel their moms are jealous of them as well.”

So what’s the verdict? Brown is a big girl who has conquered worldwide concert stages, Dancing With The Stars and even a Vegas strip show. Should she bow out of her girls’ child hair play? What do you think? POSTED BY RIR

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